Let's suppose for a minute you planned to take part in a marathon or a thriathlon event and give meaning to all of your years of hard multi-discipline training:

What products would you use to enhance your performance during the whole day, from the preparation, to the competition itself, to recovery time? In what proportion? And when?

To answer these questions, we have created a complete timeline to adhere to that will get a triathlon or marathon athlete covered - from four hours prior to the event down to recovery time.

The following image is quite self-explanatory (feel free to download it). We'll fully describe each product's correct dose per body weight to help our readers make the right choice



A timeline is a visually appealing and well-organized way to suggest the right time to use a certain product, but it won't provide enough explanations as it is! Let's dig deeper into each of its sections to further explore the purpose of our recommendations! 

A good supplement & nutrition plan for race days begins long before the start of your competition. The following procedure will take you to the start line at 100% of your capabilities. 

4 days before the competition

Race Day Boost

Preparation is everything. Our first recommendation would be to start using Race Day Boost on a daily basis at least 4 days before your competition. It's a supplement that maximizes your muscles' oxygen utilization, increases cellular energy production, and buffers lactic acid production. Nothing is better than starting off on the right foot, and that's also valid when 4 days still separate you from the start line. 

"Race Day Boost - Hammer Nutrition

4 to 3 hours before the competition

Have a light meal!

An easily digestible meal about 3-4 hours prior to the race start is a good way to approach such a demanding competition. Make sure not to overload yourself and keep it below 300/400 calories. A full belly won't get you far from the start line and, for sure, won't get you to the podium. Be mindful!

 1 hour before the competition


About one hour separates you from the beginning of the competition. It's an excellent time to have electrolytes such as Endurolytes or Endurolytes Fizz. It will help you prevent cramps and replenish the level of electrolytes you need for the correct function of all of your body systems.

Endurolytes Hammer Nutrition

(Optional) 30 minutes before the competition

Anti-Fatigue Caps

Want to sprint, race or hammer that famous last mile? ? Anti-Fatigue Caps are exactly what you are after. It's part of the Peak Performance Products we are proud to provide, and its purpose is to extend endurance by effectively neutralizing the fatigue-causing effects of ammonia accumulation. If you are planning to take part in an event where you really want to show off what you are able to achieve (potential sponsors may be watching you), that's your go-to product.  

Anti-Fatigue Caps - Hammer Nutrition

15 minutes before the competition

Hammer Gel

By now, you will probably be nervous. Adrenaline starts flowing into your system, and all of your excitement funnels into this moment. 

It's a perfect time to have a Hammer Gel to take advantage of a raised blood sugar level and get the energy needed to give a sprint to your strides from the beginning of your race!

Hammer Gel - Hammer Nutrition

(Optional) 15 minutes before the competition

Fully Charged

Right before starting an extremely challenging event where you want to dominate the competition, consider using Fully Charged to get the extra boost needed. It reduces warm-up time, increases cardiovascular capacity, prevents lactic acid build-up, improves mental acuity, and raises energy levels. That's what we call a good beginning!

Fully Charged - Hammer Nutrition

During the competition


The competition has started. You are feeding sense to all of the hard workout days you've been through. Now you've got to concentrate on your energies, electrolytes and mental focus. We'll recommend the right products based on the race/marathon/triathlon duration.

*Very important: 

Based on your body weight, never exceed the limit of 120-180 calories per hourTo help you avoid it, as you'll probably notice, we have attached the suggested dose per body weight right next to each product picture. 

If the competition lasts one hour

Hammer Gel

A Hammer Gel will help you give out your best performance by keeping you energetic during a "short" competition. 

Hammer Gel Hammer Nutrition
Hammer Gel Suggested Dose Per Body Weight

If the competition lasts two hours

HEED & Endurolytes

Endurolytes will replenish your electrolytes level (we'll never say enough times that cramps are your worst enemy). HEED, potassium and maltodextrin-rich, may be used as a sole fuel during exercise lasting up to two hours, fulfilling all of your calorie and fluid requirements.

Heed - Hammer Nutrition
Heed suggested dose per body weight

If the competition lasts   2-3 + hours


Perpetuem is the best friend of endurance athletes. It satisfies your body's energy requirements when workouts and events extend beyond 2-3 hours. Its unique blend and precise ratios of complex carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat, and essential auxiliary nutrients allow you to stay strong and focused from start to finish. Remember to take with you Endurolytes too, to ensure looking after your electrolytes replenishment.

Perpetuem - Hammer Sponsored Athlete
Perpetuem - Hammer Nutrition
Perpetuem Suggested dose per body weight

If the competition lasts 4 + hours

We've got you covered. With Sustained Energy, you can have faith in your fuel, even during your most prolonged and demanding training sessions and races. Sustained Energy may be the ideal fuel choice when endurance exercise intensity is at a higher level (approximately 70–85% MHR).

When your exercise goes beyond the range of HEED or Perpetuem alone, Sustained Energy is ready to aid you, supplying fuel complemented with specific nutrients that support enhanced fat utilisation and lactic acid buffering. Exactly as in the previous case, also take Endurolytes with you for electrolytes replenishment purposes!

Sustained Energy Hammer Nutrition
Sustained Energy Suggested Dose Per Body Weight

Less than 30 minutes after the end of the competition

It's done. You made it! No matter the result (we hope you hit the podium at least), you are presumably exhausted. Do something today your future self will thank you for: recover properly. After training or competing (no matter how long or complicated), good recovery will grant your body what it needs to get ready for the next race. 

That's Recoverite's purpose. Also available in a fully vegan version, Recoverite restores muscle glycogen, rebuilds muscle tissue and, last but not least, reduces post-exercise soreness. 

Recoverite Hammer Nutrition Product
Recoverite Suggested dose per body weight

(Optional) Less than 30 minutes after the end of the competition

Tissue Rejuvenator

Tissue Rejuvenator (also available in its vegan version) is your joints' best companion.

Both Tissue Rejuvenator formulas are known primarily for their ability to decrease swelling, soreness, and aches! Their powerful blend of joint-focused nutrients helps maintain the strength of your cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.

Tissue Rejuvenator - Hammer Nutrition

There are energy demanding competitions that must be faced in the best conditions, both mentally and physically. Races and training sessions lasting more than 1 hour are not to be underestimated.

A general nutrition/supplementation plan like the one described above will guarantee prolonged energy, protection from cramps, electrolyte replenishment and a good recovery time. No matter the duration, Hammer Nutrition Europe got you covered. Come back to us if you need nutritional suggestions when getting ready for your marathon/triathlon/training.

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Johnny Danna 25 April, 2022
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