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Do you want to improve your sports performance?

Improve your performance with sports nutrition for endurance athletes and get to the finish line without any problems.



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Welcome to THE online sports nutrition store for endurance athletes

Steady energy

Experience steady energy during your entire race without a sugar crash.

Feel strong and confident

Do your legs feel heavy after workouts? Forget about heavy legs, feel strong & confident and push your limits.

Cramp solution

Intercepts causes of leg cramps so you can enjoy your race without cramps to slow you down.

Recover faster

A proper post workout recovery helps you get the most out of your athletic performance.

Prolong endurance

Fatigue is endurance sports’ worst enemy. Delay fatigue with hours and go on longer.

No stomach pain

Natural ingredients and complex carbs relieve you of stomach pain and feeling sick.

Improve results

Finish your race, improve your PR and achieve your goals.

Natural ingredients

Enjoy vegan and gluten-free products made from 100% natural ingredients.

Edson Costa, cyclist

HEED Sport Drink

Excellent product! Perfect for short workouts, not only because of its long-lasting energy supply but also in the supply of essential electrolytes. I use it in the Lemon Lime flavor and I love it. It's my favorite drink for my evening workouts!

Discover our products for better sports performances


  • Gives you steady energy and avoid sugar crash
  • Makes you feel energetic all race long
  • Easy to digest, no stomach issues
  • Raises blood sugar levels fast
Fuel up


  • Fast recovery after training or race
  • Rebuilds muscle tissue
  • Reduces post-exercise soreness
  • Restores muscle glycogen


  • Reliefs your pain during and after exercise
  • Overcomes fatigue "heavy legs"
  • Prolongs endurance
  • Supports immune system

Filipe Matos, cyclist

Endurolytes Extreme

Indispensable for any ultra-marathon! It replenishes the salts that we lose in any extreme physical effort! Don't let your muscles reach their limits!

Dora Kemecsei, triathlon coach

Hammer Energy Gel

One of the best gels I tried in the past 15 years. Easy to open, does not tear overall, lots of color choices. Not too sweet, no stomach issues!

Diego Saltalamacchia, runner​


I ordered this product while preparing for my last marathon, and I must say that it really helped me recover faster after long runs over 30 kilometers. The chocolate flavor is really terrific.

About Hammer Nutrition Europe

Hammer Nutrition Europe originated from Hammer Nutrition in the USA, which was founded in 1987. Since then they have provided endurance athletes with sports nutrition that exceeds their expectations. 

Buddy van Vugt discovered Hammer Nutrition in 2007 and brought the products to Europe with Hammer Nutrition Europe in 2014. Since then he has been helping athletes to adjust the nutrition to their training schedule & help them find the right amounts to take, which improves their race results instantly.

Our composition of ingredients for the products, with natural ingredients & complex carbs instead of food additives & fructose, together with our controversial vision of "less nutrition is better" has resulted in improved sports performance for athletes all over Europe.

Can we help you too?

Image - Buddy van Vugt crossing the finish line at the Grossglockner Ultra Trail in 2019.

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Antonio Parra Iniesta, runner

Hammer Energy Bar

Great energetic contribution and adequate composition. Very digestive and good taste.

Liliana Verissimo, triathlete

Whey Protein Powder

Excellent quality product that really helps muscle mass maintenance and recovery. I am very satisfied :)

Edson Costa, cyclist


Very surprised with this product. All you need for proper nutrition during long rides and races in just one product!!

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Sugar dips are caused by simple sugars. Our products contain the complex carbohydrate Maltodextrin that will provide you with stable energy throughout the race. Instead of spiking up your energy fast, and crashing just as fast (with simple sugars), Maltodextrin will increase your energy gradually and keep it at that level for a longer period of time.

When it comes to fueling during a race or training, start with taking 120-180 calories per hour. Find out what works for you by adding calories if you feel it’s necessary. You can always add more, but once you’ve consumed it, there’s no way back. 

You will find specialized advice for our sports nutrition on the product pages.

You won't have stomach problems or feel sick from our products. The combination of complex carbs, natural ingredients, and the advice of "less nutrition is better" makes sure that you will go over the finish line without problems. 

You will find specialized advice for our sports nutrition on the product pages.

Replenish electrolytes gradually, consistently, and comprehensively. Taking electrolytes will solve your cramp problem instantly. We have an Endurolytes collection made to prevent muscle cramp or to immediately stop them.

You will find specialized advice for the usage of endurolytes on the product page.

We recommend Perpetuem and Sustained Energy for exercise longer than 2 hours. The mix of complex carbs and protein helps prevent your body from digesting its own muscle tissue, which usually happens when you train that long without providing you body with protein next to carbs.

We recommend no more than 100-600 milligrams of sodium/hour. How many electrolytes you should take during a race or training depends on your body weight and on what electrolyte product you use. In general, take 1 capsule/tablet per 22-27 kg body weight per hour. If you wheigh around 60 kg, it means you should take about 2,5 capsules/tablets per hour. The 2,5 capsules/tablets would be considered as 1 dose. 

Before exercise, take 1 dose within 30-60 minutes before exercise. During exercise, take 1 dose per hour. After exercise, take another dose immediately. 

You will find specialized advice for the usage of endurolytes on the product page.

Yes, they are! 

All our products are gluten-free, vegan, made of natural ingredients, and complex carbohydrates (nog simple sugars).

By taking the recommended amount of protein for your body weight within the first 30 minutes after a workout, you take care of your muscles so you’ll have less pain, and are able to recover faster.

You will find specialized advice for the recommended amount of protein for you in the “How To Use” section on the product pages.

This depends per country, but it's usually between 4-5 workdays. Please keep in mind that different variables can cause a delay in shipment. 

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Free pdf 5 Secrets of Success with sports nutrition advise.

We wrote a guide that contains the knowledge we've gained through nearly three decades of research and field testing. You can download this guide for free.

It contains recommendations for fueling and recovery, practical, time-tested advice and clear, concise, information that will improve your performance. It focusses on our 5 Secrets of Success, which zoom in on pre-exercise fueling, counting calories during a race, hydration, electrolyte replenishment, and recovery.

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