Are you feeling weak, moody and slightly less motivated? Well, that's what you get just by looking out of the window in most of this hemisphere during winter. Wintertime is well known for its effects on performances, mood, and immune system. It is the moment of the year you want to be over a soon as possible, but face it: that won't happen. Wrap your head around it and take some precautions! The way you'll go through winter will strictly influence your performance in the competition seasons. To help you start off on the right foot, we put together some hints related to the top supplements that will help you go healthy through this winter and get you ready to face the next competition season with a smile on your face and a more vigorous body than ever. 

Hints to go healthy through winter and get ready for the competition season!

1# Fully support your immune system

There are several ways to help the system that defends your body from the naturally occurring risks it is subject to in the wintertime. One of them is considering the obvious vitamin D deficiency caused by the lack of sun. We talked about it quite recently in an article related to vitamin D, the cold season and the immune system.

Our best suggestion was and remained the use of Premium Insurance Caps. This product contains the amount of Vitamin D3 an athlete's body needs to overcome its insufficiency and enhance the immune system's protection. It provides a full range of benefits that vary from the full support of your optimal health to the incrementation of your energy all year long.

Premium Insurance Caps - Hammer Nutrition

2# Don't underestimate your energy level

The top hint to stay healthy is to make exercise a habit, but cold beats you down by lowering your power of will and energy level. Training is twice as difficult during the cold seasons due to the general lack of energy caused by low temperatures. Our recommendation falls on a product that increases energy levels and provides a sense of stable health and wellness if regularly taken: Mito Caps. Using this precious supplement every day during the winter will guarantee you'll get the daily energy needed to keep on working out. You'll reach the spring ready to hammer the competitions. And don't forget that good energy comes from adequate rest! Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours per night: your immune system will stay strong, and your level of energy will be way higher!

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Hint: get even more energy by using Race Caps Supreme, another helpful supplement providing an extensive range of benefits for enhancing athletic performance and overall health. Everyone (athlete or not) would benefit tremendously from daily use.

#3 Enhance mental focus and general health with Omega 3

As we said, to stay healthy in wintertime, it's essential not to overlook exercise. But before and during activity, you need to find focus and motivation. Find your inspiration by setting some personal goals, and rely on EndurOmega for the focus part. The Omega 3 it contains is well known to enhance mental health, while the antioxidants it's made of act as natural preservatives to maintain the strength of your fatty acids. It is a perfect option for those who don't like fish; it contains molecularly distilled and deodorized fish oil. You'll get all of the beneficial effects without that fish smell you may not love.

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These are our top recommendations that will guide you through the wintertime in a solid health state. We believe the path through the cold seasons should be considered as a preparation for the athletic efforts you'll face during springtime. So, get all the Hammer supplements you need (all the ones mentioned in this article are in our Daily Essentials Kits), follow a healthy diet, sleep as well as you can and keep on doing exercise with consistency. You'll be fully ready to smash the competitions when the time comes!! 

Johnny Danna 9 December, 2021
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