We will never say it enough times: recovery is as important as training, and it is a crucial part of an athlete's routine. Believe it or not, a complete training regimen includes a proper recovery routine in the weekly habits, whether between training sessions or before the competition you are training for.


Correct refuelling right after workouts and competitions is a crucial part of the recovery process and allows to get the most from the efforts done and energies spent. That's when Recoverite comes into play! 

An easy way to enhance your performance is putting some proteins and carbs back in the organism, possibly after half an hour after quitting the workout or competition. That's exactly when your body will reward you for all the hard work done in the performance in the following ways:

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  • You'll fuel back your muscle cells in order to have them ready for lift-off in your next training session. After a long training session, the better (and promptly) you refuel your body, the more it will store additional fuel in your muscles, making you last longer.

  • Your muscle tissue will be supplied with the amino acids it needs to gain strength, allowing you to raise training intensity and volume and to get less tired.

  • The soreness between workout sessions will strongly decrease

  • The immune system grows more robust: no more missed training days due to sickness.

These benefits are at your fingertips: all you need is to replenish mindfully after your training sessions and to get some proper rest. Keep on in mind that the quality of your recovery strongly depends on your post-workout refueling. The chances of improving your athletic execution, in the long run, will be pretty meagre swallowing lactose sugars and fats after your workout. In fact, you may ruin part of the precious hours spent training by choosing the wrong replenishment.

No athlete wants that to happen, and the solution has been right in front of your eyes for so long: Recoverite gives your body the vital nutrients that will help you recover faster and more fully and the complex carbohydrates and proteins your body needs.  

The recipe of Recoverite consists of maltodextrin as complex carb and whey protein in a 3:1 ratio, 3 grams of glutamine, a full-spectrum electrolyte profile, and essential nutrients such as chromium and L-carnosine (for recovery and to support the immune system).

Organic Vegan Recoverite has exactly the same composition, but the protein source comes from organic peas, which are easily digestible, naturally gluten-free, rich in amino acid, and branched-chain amino acids like valine, leucine, and isoleucine, known for their recovery purposes.

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Magnesium MG - Hammer Nutrition

1)  Make use of Magnesium Mg with your Recoverite. Working in synchrony with the chromium in Recoverite, magnesium assists in maximizing glycogen synthesis and storage capacities while protecting against those cramps.

Boron - Hammer Nutrition

2) Take BoronThis trace mineral is also crucial for helping restore hormone levels to normal after long workout sessions or competitions.

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3) After a challenging workout, your body will be imploring for nutrient support, namely vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Premium Insurance Caps will resupply the vitamins and minerals (some antioxidants as well), and Hammer Nutrition's plethora of antioxidant supplements will supply wide-ranging protection against the damaging effects of free radicals. (See Race Caps SupremeMito CapsSuper Antioxidant).

Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator - Hammer Nutrition

4) Use Tissue Rejuvenator and/or Vegan Tissue Rejuvenatorexceptional products for protecting the health of joint, tendon, and cartilage while alleviating muscle and joint soreness.

CBD - Hammer Nutrition

5) Use Hammer CBD. Research continues to reveal generous benefits given by the broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. Hammer CBD Balm will be especially beneficial for achy muscles and joints. Hammer CBD soft gels or tinctures will also help alleviate soreness and aches while supporting several other aspects of optimal recovery. One of its most significant benefits is that it enhances sleep duration and quality, essential for optimal overall health and proper post-exercise recovery. 


Bottom Line

Some of the most important changes in your body happen when you aren't training. By not taking recovery into account, you'll never get 100% of the benefits from your workout.

Significant advantages come from proper rest and the right nutritional support. We all want to give our best during each and every workout session, but that can't happen without a proper recovery in the first place. Make your body feel the difference with Recoverite or Vegan Recoverite; a whole new world of health benefits awaits you!

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Johnny Danna 29 September, 2021
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