The longer you plan to go out, the more you'll find confusing and misleading pieces of information about the fueling subject. To solve the issue, we developed Perpetuem, an efficient, dependable, and adaptable product, taking into consideration time and cost.


The exciting feature of Perpetuem is that you can mix it and keep it on the side, take it out when in need of energy, and count on bars, gel, fruits, and vegetables just when you feel you literally need to chew. This top-notch product could be used as a sole fuel source for more than 6 hours, or as a partial fuel source if you can carry different calorie options.

Mix it to your preference

Depending on the type of sport you are into, you may want to cut the volume or the weight of your backpack. Or, on the contrary, in the case of days-long competitions, you may be willing to be able to store as much fuel as you can.. comfortably and conveniently. Perpetuem can fulfil both needs: you can get a flask containing the proper caloric intake needed from your body during one-day training/competitions, or a highly-digestible, easily-packable fuel to carry with you during multi-day sessions, to be mixed when needed.

Make good use of your stored fat

No matter how slim you are, you store thousands of calories in your body fat. Burning some of those calories while you are outside training/competing can be a great help to your endurance. Fortunately, the human body is happy to use fat as an energy source when consuming (during exercise) small doses of carbs and healthy fat, and that's the answer to the following question: "Why is there 2.5 grams of fat per serving?"

Count on a different electrolytes replenishment 

Several endurance products also mix potassium and sodium in an attempt to provide a full spectrum of body needs, but that's not considered a smart move. Combinations of workout intensity, athlete's body differences, humidity, and weather may require a different amount of electrolytes to replenish. That's why, over 20 years ago, we developed the formula of Endurolytes. Separating your fuel source (Perpetuem, in this case) from the electrolyte intake, you'll get enhanced control over your body's needs. The idea is to allow the athletes to mix the right amount of Endurolytes Extreme Powder or Endurolytes Fizz (based on weather conditions, heat, etc.) to their protein shake, to get just the quantity of electrolytes needed. 

Proper fueling means great performances

Our blend, developed in the early '90s with Sustained Energy, is perfect for long, hard sessions. All we learned with Sustained Energy evolved into the realization of Perpetuem, an 8:1 ratio of complex carbohydrates to proteins that includes maltodextrin and soy protein, with nutrients helping to look after your guts and allowing your body to get more out of each calorie consumed from your reserve of Perpetuem.

Protect lean muscle mass 

No champion wants to go one step forward and two steps backward, and it goes for all kinds of athletes! That's why the 8:1 ratio of carbs to protein was developed to simultaneously help muscles from being cannibalized for energy production, and to get a jumpstart on the recovery process. The void you need to fill at the end of the day will be less vast. To keep your fueling simple and let your body maintain and strengthen muscle fiber, Perpetuem is the solution for sessions longer than 3 hours!


Perpetuem is the preferred long-distance fuel for hikers, runners, racers, and long-distance performers thanks to its ease of use, reliability, and consistency... when groceries stores and restaurants are not at easy reach. Mix your bottle, and have fun out there!!

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Johnny Danna 23 September, 2021
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