While we write this article, we are inevitably getting closer to that moment of the year when Christmas parties, social occasions and family encounters will put at risk months of hard work on your body. Staying healthy and fit is now a challenge more than ever. And even the most resilient athlete feels the temptation brought by that mix of cold weather and social habits that make them want to spend life on a sofa (yeah, that's where you want to be on these rainy days) or partying at home with family, friends, food and alcohol. Now, we aren't saying you shouldn't slack or have some fun, but we'll list down seven hints that will allow you to go through the season maintaining that physical wellness you worked hard to reach; or to keep your weight under control if you feel you need so. 


1# Eat a healthy diet, including various whole plant foods.

There are countless health-benefiting phytonutrients in whole fruits and vegetables such as mangos, berries, cauliflowers and broccoli. But don't limit your diet! A simple and nearly childish suggestion to obtain maximum amounts of these game-changing nutrients is to "eat the rainbow". What do we mean by that? Eat fruits and vegetables in various colours!

healthy vegetables

2# Supplement your diet with a variety of antioxidant nutrients.

Supporting a robust immunity requires consuming a comprehensive range of antioxidants, preventing free-radical. Super Antioxidant Premium Insurance CapsMito Caps, and Race Caps Supreme
must be the backbone of your supplement program.

Premium Insurance Caps, Mito Caps, Race Caps Supreme

3# Stay well hydrated.

The cold season doesn't match a minor fluid need. Generally, a couple of litres per day (when not working out) is the right amount to stick to, but it may vary from case to case. Get the habit of drinking two full glasses of water before you go to that holiday party: it will help weaken your hunger and counteract the dehydrating effect of the alcohol you may be willing to drink. This article will clarify some questions you may have in mind about the hydration aspect.

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4# Use Hammer Whey.

 Whey protein is a valuable fount of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine, the amino acids required to produce glutathione, considered by experts as the primary antioxidant. The glutamine in whey protein isolate is also an excellent glutathione precursor. Additionally, whey protein contains immunoglobulins that increase immune function.

Whey Protein - Hammer Nutrition

5# Go easy on carbs!

An exception to the rules is sometimes allowed, but don't abuse of bread, pasta, white rice, chips, and cookies, and you'll manage to keep yourself fit and maintain your weight under control. Phytolean can be a great partner: it enhances fat burning, optimizes blood sugar levels, and blocks the digestion of starchy carbs. There's no better way to prevent weight gain!

Hammer Nutrition Team

6# Reduce stress and exercise regularly!

Apart from being the primary way to lose weight, exercise is one of the best ways to increase immunity, reduce stress and improve your mood! If you have the chance, do some exercise outdoor (fresh air, sun and vitamin D make miracles), but indoor workouts are good options too. If the sun is a rare thing in your neck of the woods, you can reach your vitamin D needs by taking Premium Insurance Caps. Also, Hammer CBD and Magnesium Mg are two Hammer Nutrition products that will help you get rid of stress and counter its fastidious effects.

Man Exercising In Snowy Weather

#7 Don't underestimate some good quality sleep!

Your optimal insulin and ghrelin levels strictly depend on the quality and duration of your sleep. Two REM Caps one hour before reaching your bed will help to get in Morpheus' company helping your immune system stay strong in the meantime.

Athlete sleeping with sneakers on

Hydration, smart eating and exercise is the name of the game all year long, but some well-deserved vacation is needed from time to time. Preventing winter weight gain, when the time will come, you'll be ready to Hammer the training season stronger and healthier than ever! But when you need a little help to lose weight, be aware you can rely on Hammer's Phytolean and Chitolean.

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Johnny Danna 3 December, 2021
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