We are athletes. We are those people stressing their bodies to their limits for most of the year. That's what we do. We may do it for pleasure, honour, sometimes as a profession. And for true athletes, nothing is better than that feeling when you cross the finish line, when you outrun your competition, when you reach your objective. But, apart from our power of will and from the time spent working out, what else takes us to that beloved finish line? The answer is the care we put into looking after our body, the vehicle of our soul, as many say. But as with every vehicle, it ages. Slowly in some cases, quickly in others. So, how do we prevent the ageing effects on our limbs from slowing us down? And how do we ensure not to damage our joints when increasing training intensity? Well, this is exactly the subject of this blog post.


It's natural to get carried away in the excitement and try to augment training volume and intensity over the limits our bodies are ready for. Even if this data may vary between sports, it is believed that up to 75% of injuries occur from incrementing the training intensity too quickly. Don't let it happen! Train wisely and incorporate Tissue Rejuvenator or Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator into your daily supplement program, even during your (well deserved) days off.

Tissue rejuvenator

Both Tissue Rejuvenator formulas are known primarily for their ability to decrease swelling, soreness, and aches successfully, but that's not all! Their uniquely powerful blend of joint-nourishing nutrients helps maintain the power of your cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.

Tissue Rejuvenator - HN

Two capsules of Tissue Rejuvenator or Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator will supply the raw materials needed for strengthening your joints and deliver the protection you're looking for. While you're incrementing the training volume and intensity every week, your body will be ready to sustain the new efforts.

You need the consistent use of an effective product to help protect against joint-related injuries and provide a safe and side-effect-free way to soothe aches, soreness, and swelling. One or both formulations of  Tissue Rejuvenator will get the job done! The main goal is to start injury-free and keep it that way all season long, and these products are precisely what your body needs.

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Johnny Danna 5 January, 2022
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