Open Window Effekt
Regular and moderate exercise strengthens the immune system. However, hard sports units and great exertion can weaken the immune system for a certain period of time. An "open window" is created in which the athlete is more susceptible to infection, this is called the open window effect or immunological gap. As long as the body is under post-workout training stress and the immune system is weaker than usual, the open window effect can last for several days, depending on the intensity. 
After a moderate run, the immune system returns to baseline strength in about three hours, but a marathon can also weaken the body for up to two weeks. 

What´s the reason?
Very strenuous training sessions or competitions increase the release of stress hormones in the body and cell damage occurs in the muscles. After sport, the body immediately concentrates on regeneration and repair measures, in this phase it is harder to fight off pathogens.
Heat production in winter also requires more energy, which in turn is saved in the immune system. A "window to the body" is practically opened to pathogens. Respiratory and urinary tract infections or diarrhea can occur.

How to shorten the open window phase?
• Avoiding overtraining
• Minimizing any contact with infectious persons
• Pay attention to hygiene: wash your hands regularly, do not share towels or water bottles
• Getting enough sleep
• Reduce stress
• Protection of the airways in icy air
• Proper functional clothing, adapted to the weather conditions
• Keeping the body warm: Change immediately after exercise to avoid chilling
• Avoid alcohol
• Supply of carbohydrates and proteins
• Enough liquid

What role does diet play?
It is well known that a healthy, balanced diet also strengthens the immune system. After a hard session, the energy stores have to be recharged quickly in order to provide the body with the necessary energy and micro and macronutrients.  

At Hammer, we recommend the following:
Proper energy supply during the sports unit with our Hammer Energy products such as: 
Heed, Perpetuem, Sustained Energy, energy gel or bar

After the training session:
Recoverite – the post-workout recovery drink (also vegan available)
• Restores muscle glycogen
• Rebuilds muscle tissue
• Reduces post-workout muscle soreness
• Made with natural ingredients

Supplements can also provide important support, we recommend: 
Premium insurance caps
• Supports optimal health
• Increases performance
• Supports immune function

Other Recommendations:
AO Booster
• Excellent fat-soluble antioxidant support
• Reduces muscle soreness and inflammation
• Good for eyes and skin
• Helps maintain proper immune system function

Clear Day
• May reduce seasonal allergy symptoms
• May reduce inflammation
• May reduce the need for medication

Enduro D
• Excellent combination for bone health 
• Provides powerful immune support
• Helps improve insulin sensitivity

Endurance C
• Provides antioxidant support
• Helps support the immune systemtissue rejuvenator
• May reduce pain, inflammation and swelling
• Increases joint integrity and mobility
• Promotes rapid tissue repair

Hammer Deutschland 1 February, 2023
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