HEED may be used as the sole fuel during exercise lasting up to two hours, fulfilling all of your calorie and fluid requirements and most-to-all of your electrolyte needs.

Serving Size:

One scoop of HEED contains 100 kilocalories (approx. 29 g powder).

Suggested doses by body weight*:




Up to 41 kg

0,5 - 1 scoop / hr

50 - 100 kcal

41 - 55 kg

0,75 -1,5 scoop / hr

75 - 150 kcal

55 - 70 kg

1 - 1,5 scoop / hr

100 - 150 kcal

70 - 86 kg

1,5 - 2 scoops / hr

150 - 200 kcal

86+ kg

2 - 2,25 scoops / hr

200 - 225 kcal

*These are estimated doses. Each athlete should determine in training, under a variety of conditions, their personal optimum.

If using more than one fuel, be sure to combine all of the calories from all of the products consumed to reach a correct total hourly intake.

Mixing / Usage Instructions

Mix 0,5 - 2,25 scoops (see chart above) of HEED in 475-825 ml of water. Sip regularly during exercise.


When training sessions or races go much longer than two hours, select either Perpetuem or Sustained Energy as your primary fuel source. In these instances, HEED can still be used intermittently for variety as long as your total hourly caloric intake does not exceed your training determined maximum.

Each scoop of HEED contains the equivalent amount of electrolytes as one Endurolytes capsule, or one-half tablet of Endurolytes Fizz. For many athletes, under normal conditions, one or two scoops of HEED will completely fulfill electrolyte requirements. When heat stress increases significantly, you will need to consume additional Endurolytes.

Please Note: It is believed that xylitol is unsafe for consumption by dogs; therefore, we do not recommend you feed your dog any products that contain xylitol, nor any products that are made for human consumption.