I am off Dutch origin, I was born at the feet of the Italian Alps, floundered the world following my veterinary career and found my home in the French Alps. My passion for adventure and the outdoors which I found a little later in life, led me to racing multi-sport events and mountain biking at elite level. Until chronic injury forced me to step away from a focus on performance because of which I was rekindled with my love for the mountains and true adventure.

In 2022 I am looking at my first season racing Ski Alpinism races. I want to progress as a ski alpinist, improving my mountaineering skills and I have a few ski challenges on my bucket list this winter! My summers usually involves road biking, mountain biking, rock climbing, chasing 4000m peaks and I am in the hunt for more UTMB points to be able to enter the 180km Ultra in 2023. Lots of ideas, plans, adventures in my mind, fuelled by my passions for the beautiful mountains (and Hammer nutrition of course!)


MB MTB Marathon Megeve 100kms - 2021

Climb Mont Blanc in two days

Climb Spaghetti tour (6x 4000+ peaks on the Monte Rosa Massif) in one day

World Championship Events as an elite athlete in Mountain bike marathon (XCM) and XTERRA

World First Traverse on the mountain bike from West to East Nepal over the Great Himalaya Trail High Route, 1800kms 85.000m ascend - 2019

Proudest Moment:

Finishing my solo Nepal traverse as I organised all of it from beginning to end.

What has Hammer done for you?

I used Recoverite at the beginning of my Nepal trip when I was ill and could not eat anything, I have used hammer energy bars all during my Nepal traverse I have used HEED as energy drink during races at higher intensity. I easily have stomach issues but with Hammer I do not seem to have any.

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