This information applies to any company or individual currently offering, or intending to offer, Hammer Nutrition® products for sale to the general public via print media, the Internet, or other channels (‘’resellers’’).

It is our policy at Hammer Nutrition Europe (Hammer Nutrition) that ALL resellers of Hammer Nutrition® products MUST offer our products at the listed Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in all publicly accessible media, including catalogs, printed ads, listings on their website, and paid internet ads including sponsored links, Product Listing Ads, and Comparison Shopping Engine placements.

Hammer Nutrition does not permit the listing and sale of Hammer Nutrition® products on third-party websites (such as Amazon or eBay), and does not permit third-party fulfillment (such as Amazon Prime). Sellers must fulfill the products advertised and handle all customer service duties themselves. All web domains selling Hammer Nutrition® products must be registered and approved by the Dealer Services Team. To inquire about registration, please contact Dealer Services at [email protected].

All e-commerce resellers of Hammer Nutrition® products must adhere to the following requirements, whether stocking through Hammer Nutrition® or one of our distributors:

1. Dealers and E-commerce resellers are responsible for remaining current with our MSRP Policy and pricing. 

2. Dealers and E-commerce resellers may only display and promote products they actually stock. 

3. Only authorized dealers and e-commerce resellers may utilize images of Hammer Nutrition® products in the online advertising and promotion of such products. The right to utilize images of Hammer Nutrition® products in online advertising and promotion of such products shall terminate in the event of the termination or suspension of the e-commerce reseller for any reason. Authorized e-commerce resellers of Hammer Nutrition® products shall have no right to grant to any third party the right to utilize images of Hammer Nutrition® products in the advertising or promotion of such products. All product images must be kept current and must be updated as new packaging and labeling is received.

4. No inflated, false retail prices may be displayed with a “discounted” MSRP beside it, including quantity discounts that do not reflect the quantity discounts formally recognized by Hammer Nutrition Europe. 

5. Advertising by an e-commerce reseller utilizing Hammer Nutrition® product names or trademarks must link to Hammer Nutrition® products on web pages of the respective e-commerce reseller and may not link to web pages of other parties or to web pages that promote any products other than Hammer Nutrition® products. 

6. Any reference to free shipping is strictly limited to the following term: “Free shipping available.” 

7. Advertising verbiage may not include terms such as: “save,” “huge savings,” “lowest prices,” “x% off,” “x% discount,” “save x%,” “cheapest,” or synonymous terms. This list will be expanded as needed. 

8. Accounts must list ALL DBAs and URLs associated with the primary account. Any account failing to disclose this information will be immediately suspended. 

9. Purchasing any product from Hammer Nutrition Europe or distributor of Hammer Nutrition® implies agreement to conform to the requirements of this policy.