Hammer Nutrition Europe increases the value of your event!

A big piece of the puzzle for putting on a successful event is the quality of the fuel(s) that you provide to your participants. We at Hammer Nutrition are experts at event support and fully understand this. Globally we've been sponsoring 3,000 events annually for over three decades, which is one reason why we never tire in producing the very finest fuels available. We're supremely confident in saying that if you want to see greater numbers of happy participants:

1) Fueling properly throughout the entire event

2) Not getting sick due to inferior, sugar-laden fuels

3) Successfully completing your event

4) Thanking you after the event is over

. . . you want Hammer Nutrition products there!

1) If you are producing/directing these types of events, we are extremely interested in helping support them:

• Triathlons & Duathlons - Any length will be considered.

• Road Cycling Events - Cycling events we will consider supporting on an individual basis are those that are 150 kilometers or longer and do not offer shorter distance options. Gran Fondos, Bike Tours & Races will be considered on an individual basis.

• Mountain Bike Events - Races 3 hours or longer and / or 80 kilometers or longer.

• Running Events - Ultra distance runs that are 50K or longer.

• Winter Sports - Nordic skiing races will be considered on an individual basis.

• Paddle Sports - All will be considered on an individual basis.

• Ultra Cyclocross - Will be considered on an individual basis.

• Clinics & Camps - We are primarily interested in supporting cycling and triathlon specific camps, but all will be considered.

• Open Water Swims - Will be considered on an individual basis.

• Motocross - Will be considered on an individual basis.

• Endurance Equestrian Events - Will be considered on an individual basis.

2) If we are unable to support your event, or if you desire to have more quantities of Hammer Nutrition product at your event than we offer you:

We're pleased to offer Hammer Nutrition products to you at greatly reduced, "event only" pricing. Providing Hammer Nutrition products to your race participants allows them to enjoy the absolute highest-quality fuels available, enabling them to experience more success. When your event participants benefit, you benefit as well. . . it's an undeniable "win-win" situation!

• If interested, please contact [email protected] for more details.

• We will provide free goody bags with approved event purchases.

3) If your event falls into a category outlined in #1, please read the information on this link - Event Sponsorship Requirements & Expectations as it details what Hammer Nutrition can provide for your event, as well as our in-return expectations from you.

4) If what we can provide for your event is acceptable to you - remember that you can purchase more product, if desired, at deep discounts - and if you agree to our in-return requirements, please submit a request with your event information to [email protected]

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the high number of requests we receive; it is imperative that proposals for event sponsorship be received a minimum of 60 days prior to the event. Also, you must have a current website so that we can verify your event. We only sponsor events held in the Europe, except in the – Greece, Hungary, and Switzerland.