A proper addition of electrolytes prevents cramps and helps improve your performance. No component of diet or supplements requires such an individual dose. Perhaps there is no other component of fuel supply that can be removed from the competition as quickly as an electrolyte exhaustion or overdose. This is an extremely important component in which the correct dosage is important. Do not try to remove electrolytes from a mixed drink. The risk of excessive fluid and too little electrolytes is too high, which is not good for your stomach, muscle or performance. What you are looking for is a product that enables an effective electrolyte supplement under all weather conditions, regardless of the duration and intensity of the exercise. Endurolytes is that product. Many people think that an intake of electrolytes is similar to Sodium intake. This is certainly not the case. Sodium alone can and will not effectively provide your electrolyte needs and can cause more problems than solving. With Endurolytes, you are assured that you get all the right minerals, precisely in the right balance. Ideal for: Running - Cycling - Triathlon - Climbing - Tennis - Swimming - Marathon - all endurance sports.