Inflammation is one of the ways your body fights against a problem, so it is not necessarily a bad thing. Athletes, by force of circumstances, are used to dealing with inflammations. We are so used to it that the feeling of soreness ends up becoming part of our lives. But it doesn't necessarily have to be that way, as there are some ways to soothe this fastidious sensation. To find the right solution, the first step is to identify the type of inflammation you are suffering from. Is it an acute inflammation? Is it a chronic one? Let's delve a bit deeper into this subject, starting by differentiating the two of them.


Acute inflammation 

It occurs from minor injuries (cuts, sprains, etc.) and minor sicknesses (sore throat, for instance). Also, it's the type of inflammation that arises after exercise. Acute inflammation doesn't last for long, as its effects subside after a few days. A certain degree of inflammation is necessary to obtain benefits from your training; the body gets stronger by employing the inflammatory response to the stress in the workout.

Chronic inflammation 

Factors such as high-sugar diets, excess weight, smoking, stress, and many others can lead to chronic inflammation. Also known as systemic inflammation, it is persistent but low in intensity. As stated above, damaged tissue cannot heal without inflammation, but a not timely treated chronic inflammation can cause major diseases and illnesses, including some types of cancer. 

What's the connection between exercise and inflammation?

As simple as that, prolonged lack of exercise boosts the chances of unwanted chronic inflammation, while a smart training program providing sufficient time for recovery and aided by high-quality nutrition decreases the potential. We have to ensure we commit to regular exercise without exaggerating. Training without taking into account a sufficient recovery can quickly lead from fruitful acute inflammation to undesirable, non-beneficial chronic inflammation.

Tissue rejuvenator

Despite a certain level of inflammation is a good thing for your body, it doesn't mean that you necessarily have to deal with the soreness. Instead of using NSAIDs, with their plethora of undesirable side effects, try Tissue Rejuvenator. It provides critical nutrients to help rebuild joint tissue and maintain its strength and integrity, and provide an overload of powerful but safe anti-inflammatories.

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To keep chronic inflammation at distance, and to be ready for your main events, ensure to implement rest and recovery days into your workout rhythm. To alleviate the naturally occurring soreness after a challenging workout and strengthen your joints and their integrity, use Tissue Rejuvenator or Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator every day, including the ones you decide to rest. Its advantageous effects are incremental, so the more consistently you use Tissue Rejuvenator, the most significant benefits you'll obtain.

Tissue Rejuvenator and Vegan Tissue Rejuvenator are high-quality products with clean, noticeably effective ingredients. Whether you use one or both forms of Tissue Rejuvenator, we can guarantee you'll be willing to spread the word about these game-changing products!

Johnny Danna 6 January, 2022
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