There are mixed feelings about the period of the year when brown leaves romantically fall down the trees, and you wake up in cold and rainy mornings and realize the sudden weather change. However, you still need to make it a productive season in terms of training or work, never underestimating the fact that a cold or flu could make it all even tougher.

No matter what hemisphere you live on, the period between September and December is the time of the year when you are most subject to face weaknesses derivating from illness. Worry not, there are a few simple steps to prevent it, and here at Hammer Nutrition we just love to share our knowledge. To help our readers make their way through it, we put together a list of 9 actions we can grant that will help you get through these challenging months! 


#1 - Sleep tight

Nothing is better than a solid dose of sleep. A well-rested body prevents being attacked by common cold viruses, and not sleeping for long enough will slow down your recovery process if you get sick in the first place (Reference). We can recommend a couple of supplements you could take, regularly or when in need, like Magnesium Mg or REM Caps. Remember, a night of proper sleep can boost your immune system.

Bedroom at night time

#2 - Vitamin D

Sunlight is our primary source of Vitamin D, but we may be in a season where sunbathing is an old romantic memory. In this case, the only way for your body to fulfil its Vitamin D requirements is a little external help. The magnesium mineral found on Magnesium MG will allow your body to maintain a correct Vitamin D production in the cloudy days we are facing or about to face.

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#3 - Wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap

There's no need for a genius intellect to understand the reason behind this hint. Infection control starts with correct personal hygiene. Hot water and soap help remove germs, microbes, and bacteria from your skin and lower the chance of transmitting them to your beloved ones or anyone else. 

Person washing hands

#4 - It's never too cold to stay hydrated

Some think that looking after the hydration level of their body is essential only during the hottest seasons, underestimating the importance of water intake during fall and winter. The human body needs liquids to run its immune system smoothly. Tissues, organs and cells will thank you for drinking the right amount of water daily. For more info about ideal hydration, take a look at this article from our Essential Knowledge blog (if you haven't, you should definitely have a look at the entire blog section).

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#5 - Get benefits from whole plant food

It is vital to eat organic fruit and veg to benefit from the healthy nutrients only found in plants, but we know it may be hard to get them in the coldest seasons. To help you get your daily dose of greenies or augment your daily intake, Phytomax is the solution: chlorophyll, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, RNA, DNA... that's all contained in a top-notch formula that will help your immune system to go through the greyest days!  

Phytomax - Hammer Nutrition

#6 - Get antioxidants 

We may be far from the training-competitions season, but free radicals formation is an all year long issue. Add Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, Mito Caps, and Super Antioxidant to your daily supplement program in order to prevent free radicals. Say thanks to the power of antioxidants!

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#7 - Make use of probiotic supplements

Look after the healthy bacteria present in your digestive system with probiotic supplements such as Digest Caps. These little guys' reason for life is to help function your digestive system, support intestinal health, reinforce immunity, and allow correct nutrients absorption. Not bad for such tiny thingies!

Hammer Nutrition - Digest Caps

#8 - Keep stress afar

Stress reduces the immune system capabilities to fight against antigens, making the human body keener to get infections. Nowadays is quite a difficult achievement to reach, but do your best to keep stress away from your life, particularly during cold times. Your immune system will be grateful!

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#9 - Your liver is a filter: keep it clean and functional

Your liver's function is to filter, detoxify, and remove the dangerous toxins you are exposed to every day of your life. The liver's correct functioning, during cold times, is more critical than ever since your immune system constantly fights against cold and flu. Two LSA Capsules (Liver Specific Advantage) per day will contribute to its wellness and good performance.

LSA Caps - Hammer Nutrition


Following these nine steps will grant you a smooth and healthy year, and get you ready to take on the competition & workout seasons when the time comes. Remember, a fully optimized immune system is the basic to enjoy life at its maximum, particularly during the cold season! Follow our hints, write your feedback below, and spread the word! 

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Johnny Danna 13 October, 2021
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