Given how important proper recovery between workouts is—not just for improving your athletic performance, but also (mainly) for supporting overall health—it should be obvious that you need to be acutely aware of what you’re putting in your body. Yet some athletes just blow off resupplying their body with fuel altogether (big mistake), or they consume whatever’s convenient, wrongly assuming that “Anything will work. Calories are calories, right?” Both are major mistakes that will only cause athletes to lose out on all the benefits and quality fuel replenishment that the best recovery protein shakes can provide. 

The adage “garbage in, garbage out” definitely applies to post-exercise fuel replenishment. You simply cannot hope to make improvements in your athletic performance or support optimal health if you indiscriminately chow down on anything. Sugar, fat, lactose, etc.? That’s just not going to cut it. You need a high-quality lactose-free protein powder or recovery drink such as Recoverite if you hope to get the full value out of all the time and energy you put into your training.


You will probably not find an easier way to boost your fitness and enhance your exercise performance than by simply taking a few moments—as soon as your workout is done—to put some fuel back in your body. Recovery protein shakes are a great way to do this and, when you do, your body rewards you handsomely for all the work you did in the training session. Resupply the body with high-quality carbohydrates and whey or pea protein right away—within the first 30 minutes (the sooner, the better)—and here’s what happens:

  • The muscle cells will be restocked with fuel so that you have it on board and ready to serve you for tomorrow’s workout. In fact, the more consistently you train AND resupply the body with fuel using quality protein shakes, your body will respond by storing more and more minutes of fuel in the muscles.

  • Your muscle tissue has the raw materials it needs to become stronger, which allows you to make increases in your training volume and intensity without your muscles taking such a beating.

  • The amount of soreness that you experience between now and the next workout will be greatly diminished.

  • Your immune system gets stronger.

Protein shakes are as important for recovery as they are for muscle growth. Recoverite is Hammer Nutrition’s #1 selling product because it works. It’s the easy and highly effective way to fulfill a crucial component of athletic performance: the replenishment of carbohydrates and protein right after a workout or event. These great protein shakes are available in two options: the original whey protein and vegan protein powder!


ecoverite - Hammer Nutrition

Recovery is as important as training!

No question about it; your body wants and needs Recoverite or Vegan Recoverite. Hammer’s recovery protein shakes will give it the necessary carbs and protein – whether that’s regular or vegan protein, with either Hammer’s whey or pea protein options. You will also find other nutrients—glutamine, chromium, L-carnosine, and electrolytes—that will help your body recover quicker and more completely.

The original Recoverite protein shakes remain the same: complex carbs (maltodextrin) and whey protein isolate (the most bioavailable protein) in a 3:1 ratio: 3 grams of glutamine, a full-spectrum electrolyte profile, and key nutrients for recovery. Ever since its introduction 14 years ago, thousands of thoroughly satisfied athletes have proven that recovery protein shakes don’t come more potently effective than Recoverite. 

Vegan Recoverite protein shakes contain the same ingredients in the same amounts as the original Recoverite formula, with the exception that organic pea protein is the vegan protein source. The organic pea protein in Hammer’s vegan protein powder is an easily digested, gluten-free vegan protein with an excellent amino acid profile, including BCAA’s (leucine, isoleucine, valine)—three key recovery-enhancing amino acids.

Protein shakes should be available for everyone, and with Vegan Recoverite, you can enjoy the superb benefits of a high-quality vegan protein powder that allows you to maintain your specific dietary choices and lifestyle. If you are not on a restricted diet, why not try both original and vegan protein options to see which one works best for you? Hammer’s formulations – both the whey and vegan protein versions, taste great and work incredibly well… we guarantee it!

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Abdur 9 September, 2021
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