Those who consider themselves athletes know that the correct fueling during exercise consists of more than a mere assumption of calories and fluids. The body also needs the right electrolyte support to help the muscular, digestive, and nervous systems to do their job properly and, last but not least, to avoid cramps.

You shouldn't wait to start cramping to replenish electrolytes, just as you shouldn't wait until you finish your energies or to go dehydrated before consuming calories and fluids. When you start cramping, feel a lack of energies or feel too thirsty, your body has been in a dicìfficult situation for too long already.

Endurolytes Extreme Powder - Hammer Nutrition

Hammer Nutritions offers a wide range of opportunities to look after your electrolytes replenishment. The ideal one is Endurolytes Fizz, if you would rather have a drink than take a capsule.


Endurolytes Fizz - Hammer Nutrition

Add a tablet to your water bottle, watch it dissolve quickly, and turn your water into a mildly sweet, effervescent electrolyte drink. It is available in five tastes, ranging from lemon-lime to mango, cola (with 20 mg of caffeine per tablet), grape, and grapefruit. It contains a mere amount of 7 calories per tablet and shows zero preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or sugars.

One tablet of Endurolytes Fizz corresponds to about two Endurolytes capsules. You can personalize your dose breaking along the central line of each tablet to obtain with precision the electrolytic mineral necessities your body craves for during the most demanding training sessions or the most challenging competitions. 

Endurolytes Fizz is also suitable for anyone who involves a regular dose of sweat into their daily habits. From your grandpa spending his time gardening, to construction workers during those busy days, to whoever does any kind of hard job in their life. Give it a go; Endurolytes Fizz will make your day, independently from the reasons making you sweat!

Johnny Danna 7 October, 2021
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