Going back to full-time training after the rest season is already hard enough without extra weight on you. Not to mention that the difference between a winning and a losing athlete can lay on the choices made in the wintertime. Of course, we are aware that we are going through that time of the year when reduced exercise and exceptions to the dietary rules are around every dinner invitation, hiding behind every glass of wine and each bite of cake during family & friends events. As usual, we are here to help you with some hints, ready to lead you towards the safest possible winter in terms of weight gain and to get you prepared to reach the competition season in perfect shape.    


1# Hydrate your body correctly

Proper hydration is invariably essential, but it can be a valuable ally during the holidays. Aim to drink two full glasses of water before you depart for that gathering to help reduce your hunger and compensate for the dehydrating impact of alcohol. Every day, drink about 2 litres of pure, clean water.

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2# Colours are good!

Instead of standing at the buffet table, wondering whether to choose parmesan cheese cubes or diving straight on oven-baked pasta, bring the hostess a tray of kale wraps with sliced sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes. Vegetables are packed with nutrients and fibre but low in calories. The other sporty guests will appreciate it as much as you would! Also, lean proteins derived from steamed shrimp, turkey breast, or nuts are valid options.

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3# Easy on the white stuff

Avoid mayo, gravies, dressings and sauces, starchy carbs like bread, chips, white rice, pasta, and cookies. When you know you'll "surrender to food" (understandable, in these times), be sure to take Phytolean. It enhances fat burning, stops the digestion of starchy carbs, and optimizes blood sugar levels in the meantime.

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4# To rest is the best

Your insulin and ghrelin level are strictly connected to the quality and quantity of your sleep. Two REM Caps an hour before bedtime will ensure you'll get your 8 hours dose of "Vitamin ZZZ". As all the Hammer Nutrition products, it only contains natural ingredients. REM Caps improve the quality and duration of your sleep, enhance the release of the growth hormone, and help your immune system stay strong.

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5# Exercise regularly

Yes, we know the next competition is still quite far timewise, but it doesn't mean you can compromise hard months of intense training by playing the sit-and-eat game for an entire season. Wheather is never an excuse nowadays as there are plenty of ways to do some engaging and rewarding indoor workout. Balance all the above hints with a light but consistent workout, and you'll have the upper hand in the next competition season.

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To summarize, hydration, healthy food, power of will, good sleep and, last but least, exercise is the only recipe that does the job in terms of weight control. As simple as it sounds, you can prevent winter weight gain by exercising and following a well-balanced diet.  

We all wish to be born with the power of turning on and off our food cravings, but, unfortunately, that's not the way mother nature has decided to shape us. In exchange, she has provided us with all the natural ingredients that compose Phytolean and REM Caps. Hammer just puts them together to provide the top-quality products you should be used to by now.  

Cheers to your health!

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Johnny Danna 20 December, 2021
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