Consume one serving 5 - 15 minutes prior to and one serving every 30 - 45 minutes during activity. Drink 475 - 825 ml of fluids per hours to support proper hydration.



Use as a primary source of calories during exercise and competition lasting up to two hours.

Suggested Doses by Body Weight*




Up to 41 kg

0,5 - 1 serving / hr

40-45 to 80-90 kcal

41 - 55 kg

0,5 - 1,5 servings / hr

40-45 to 120-135 kcal

55 - 70 kg

1 - 2 servings / hr

80-90 to 160-180 kcal

70 - 86 kg

1,5 - 2 servings / hr

120-160 to 135-180 kcal

86+ kg

1,5 - 2,5 servings / hr

120-160 to 200-225 kcal

*These are estimated doses. Each athlete should determine in training, under a variety of conditions, their personal optimum.

If using more than one fuel, be sure to combine all of the calories from all of the products consumed to reach a correct total hourly intake.

Mixing / Usage Instructions

Consume 0,5 - 2,5 servings per hour (see chart above), along with approx 475-825 ml of plain water per hour from a separate source.


Hammer Gel may be used as the sole source of calories during workouts and races up to two hours, perhaps up to three hours under certain circumstances. When training sessions or races go much longer than that, select either Perpetuem or Sustained Energy as your primary fuel source.

Hammer Gel is perfectly compatible with all other Hammer Nutrition fuels. During ultra distance events, while Hammer Gel cannot be your sole source of calories every single hour, it may be used occasionally to give you a little variety in what you're consuming.

- Hammer Flask holds 5 - 6 servings.

- Espresso Hammer Gel contains 50 mg caffeine per serving.

- Tropical Hammer Gel contains 25 mg caffeine per serving.

- You can use Hammer Gel to flavor Sustained Energy, Hammer Soy or Hammer Whey smoothies, etc.

Hammer Gel flavors can be mixed for a variety of tastes. Try these combinations:

- Banana + Chocolate or Espresso = Banana Split

- Orange + Vanilla = Orange Creamsicle

- Raspberry + Orange + Banana = Fruit Punch

- Raspberry + Espresso = Raspberry Mocha

- Vanilla mixed with any other flavor to make it milder for long-term use